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Insurance Claims Processing
Claim processing solution allows for automatic data capture, damage files management, events, notifications or flows, automatic e-mail notification, reporting instruments, process management, quick access to the data, automatic keeping, storage and archiving – registrations management and conformity with the in force regulations.
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Virtual Data Room
Financial institutions continue to struggle with information overload and paper processing. Legacy systems can’t manage all types of content that are part of the case. Virtual customer file is thus the right solution.
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Supplier Invoice Processing
Invoices received from suppliers can be processed quickly and efficiently by using this solution, which helps both the specialized financial departments, and the persons that order and receive goods and services.Supplier Invoice Processing solution is a component of "Star Storage Solutions Factory - Real Business Solutions, not Platforms!".The solution allows the automatic processing of invoices from suppliers and their "linking" to the order or agreement, as well as the associated reception notification. Using BPMS type techniques and electronic archiving, it manages current invoices, as well as the invoices from the historical archive and their associated documents (NVR, Notices, Difference protocol).
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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can be more than a check-box exercise when it comes to adhering to compliance. Implementing the systems and processes required by the regulation in the right way can help organizations define and manage the risk and reward associated with processing personal data, and drive greater business efficiency. In EU GDPR will become enforceable law in the EU Member States on 24th of May 2018!
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Contract Administration
Contract Administration solution is a component of "Star Storage Solutions Factory - Real Business Solutions, not Platforms!".Manages the contract lifecycle from their creation to archiving, also mapping intermediary stages, such as modifications, negotiations or consumption of the contracted goods and services.
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Employees Folders Management
Personnel files management allows the creation, the versioning, the introduction of metadata and the management of personnel files; it allows the import of Individual Work Agreement, Additional Documents, copy of Employment Record Book and the Employment Record Book etc.".
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Loan Origination and Management
Legacy systems are no longer sufficient due to unprecedented transaction volumes, therefore consolidation is required for achieving business efficiency. In today's increasingly diversified and competitive marketplace, banks need to up sell and cross sell, so they need to have a 360 degrees view on their customers. Compliance requirements continue to escalate and banks have to lower risks, while also managing costs.
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Technical Documentation Management
This solution manages technical documents along their entire life-cycle; it allows the insertion, the cataloging and the differentiated search of technical documents (town planning certificates, rehabilitation projects, networks changes, installations, technical expertise, geotechnical studies, environmental impact studies, etc.)
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