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What is insurance claims processing?

Claim processing solution is a component of "Star Storage Solutions Factory - Real Business Solutions, not Platforms!".


Automatic data capture - the solution allows the capture of the data from any document type, including unstructured documents; it automates the entire damage file process flow;


Damage files management - it allows the simultaneous creation of several damage file solving requests through the same interface; it automatically takes over the damage case; it automatically assigns a unique number for each case;


Events, notifications or flows - predefined routing flows of newly open cases and of closed ones; setting up of retention policies for cases closed according to the laws in force and to the internal procedures;


Automatic e-mail notification when a case is open/ assigned/closed; definition of alerts; customization of automatic notifications;


Reporting instruments - it generates productivity reports for the employees; it applies filters based on: the damage type, the status of the case, the stage of the case, the distribution channel etc.;


Process management - it coordinates systems and personnel; it applies business regulations; it integrates with other applications (SAP, ECM, CRM, core business, etc.); it extracts data from documents in order to allow their automatic customization;


Quick access to the data - online access to content, regardless of the document type (images, Police reports, medical reports etc.); overviews of all the documents of the client, damage files, business transactions;


Automatic keeping, storage and archiving - registrations management and conformity with the in force regulations.

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Multi- Channel Platform for Document and Data Capture & Customer Engagement

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a multi-channel platform for document and data capture & customer engagement and an innovative solution, aligned with current trends of digital transformation and mobility adopted by top companies around the world.

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Contracts Management

Business value and compliance for your contracts.

A cross industry solution that offers control and visibility over all the contracts and supporting documents during their entire life cycle.
Every single contract is stored, categorized and can be easily and securely accessible from anywhere using any device. Now you can have instant access to the contract you want! The entire process of contract creation, approval and retention is streamlined, so you no longer need to worry about complex related activities.

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