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What is contract administration?

Contract Administration solution is a component of "Star Storage Solutions Factory - Real Business Solutions, not Platforms!".Manages the contract lifecycle from their creation to archiving, also mapping intermediary stages, such as modifications, negotiations or consumption of the contracted goods and services.

Contract Administration - registers the contracts and their associated documents: bank warranties, cancellations, transfers, other documents etc.;


Contracts modification - allows the modification of the contract contents, displays the list, the content and the date on which the modifications were carried out, as well as the person that carried them out;


Additional documents registration - an option for creating a contracts virtual file, by  appending additional documents in any format such as PDF, TIFF etc;


Order management - registers orders and their associated documents,  either as parts of a contract,  or separated. It allows contract search - viewing documents by partner, by the value of the contract, by the date of coming into force, by the tax code of the client, by the contract type etc.;


Contracts transfer - it manages the contracts that are transferred by other partners and their associated documents;


Notifications - the application sends notifications by e-mail to the group that is responsible for the contracts management.

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Contracts Management

Business value and compliance for your contracts.

A cross industry solution that offers control and visibility over all the contracts and supporting documents during their entire life cycle.
Every single contract is stored, categorized and can be easily and securely accessible from anywhere using any device. Now you can have instant access to the contract you want! The entire process of contract creation, approval and retention is streamlined, so you no longer need to worry about complex related activities.

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