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What is Assisto?

ASSISTO is a cross industry solution that offers control and visibility over all the contracts and supporting documents during their entire life cycle.Every single contract is stored, categorized and can be easily and securely accessible from anywhere using any device. Now you can have instant access to the contract you want! The entire process of contract creation, approval and retention is streamlined, so you no longer need to worry about complex related activities.

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Quickly learn how you can wisely manage contracts while getting significant financial savings, avoiding penalties or disruptive events for your business and protecting at the same time your confidential information.

Everything you need to know

From the moment of creation until they are approved and during their entire lifecycle, errors can sneak in and documents can be lost thus generating unnecessary costs. We know that contract management is not your favorite activity. You need simple, fast, safe and cost-effective processes.

Wouldn’t it be great if every contract could be stored carefully, properly classified and easily accessible? Right now does your entire contract management process suffer from the lack of automation and take up a lot of your precious time? A great deal of activities are still manually done and prone to mistakes that you cannot afford?


ASSISTO is a cross industry solution that offers control and visibility over all the contracts and supporting documents during their entire lifecycle. Every single contract is stored, categorized and can be easily and securely accessible from anywhere using any device.

Now you can have instant access to the contract you want!

The entire process of contract creation, approval and retention is streamlined, so you no longer need to worry about complex related activities.

If you need to considerably reduce the associated costs with contract management and mitigate risks; to create a unique registry for all contracts and the associated documents; if you want your employees to really contribute to the creation and management of contracts without losing data control, hire additional employees or outsourcing, then, this is the right solution for you!

Do you want to respect commitments and delivery deadlines to your customers?

Do you want to have full cost control and stay up-to-date with the suppliers’ contract value? Or maybe:

  • You want your team to work efficiently when creating a contract;
  • You must constantly negotiate the terms and conditions of a contract;
  • You want to streamline contracts management costs across the entire company;
  • You need to create a unique registry for the efficient management of all contracts and associated documents.

Here is what else you can do with ASSISTO:


Find quick, economical and automatically your contracts
Easily register any type of contract and view all contractual information with your business partners, whether it is about materials procurement, equipment or relevant services for the production and distribution of energy, keeping track of the associated services, such as: HR, IT, legal, marketing, sales, etc.


Standardize the whole flow for the contracting
Get rid of care renewal or renegotiation of contracts and focus to be the first to capitalize from new segments or products launched on the market. With just a few clicks you have now secure and permanent access and contractual information from anywhere.


Increase your efficiency and penetrate faster new markets
Quick and motivated business decisions by accessing from anywhere, at any time, the information contained in the contracts and related documents, regardless of the geographic distribution of your business. Reduce costs and implement strategies based on real information coming straight from your company.


Maintain of an excellent contractual relationship with all suppliers
The supply chain and the contractual relationship with your suppliers become essential elements and represent a competitive advantage that must be maintained with proper tools.


With ASSISTO, the management of contracts and related documents definitely assures you of an excellent relationship with all your suppliers and customers.

Build your contract repository

  • Upload signed contracts directly into the system from electronic files or scanned documents;
  • Generate new contracts based on your standard templates;
  • Print, sign and scan with automatic storage;
  • Automatically generate new contract numbers;
  • Add descriptive information such as date, partner, type, class, value etc.;
  • SAP synchronization (enter the SAP code to receive contract information from an external SAP system; execute RFC call after the contract creation to store the HTTP direct link into the SAP system).

Register Contracts

  • Individual, Framework Agreement, Subsequent;
  • Unique Contract Numbers Register.

Predefined templates to ease up your activity

  • Reduce time for contract creation and review;
  • Enforce standard models;
  • MS Word templates that are filled with attributes’ values;
  • Barcode (CODE_128, CODE_39, EAN_8, EAN_13, UPC_A, QR_CODE, ITF, PDF_417, CODABAR).

Integration with SAP

  • SAP code – search in order to identify an existing contract in SAP;
  • Automatic field completion – the received SAP metadata can be mapped to correspondent application metadata;
  • SAP RFC call to save HTTP direct link of the contract document into the SAP system.

Contract approval workflow advanced functionalities

  • Select the actors that are involved for each step;
  • Keep track of the approval state in the workflow;
  • Choose between the parallel or sequential execution of tasks;
  • Each actor receives notifications on assignment;
  • Direct access from e-mail to the personal inbox;
  • Actors can access the assigned tasks in the personal inbox;
  • Each actor can execute the task and provide the feedback: approve / reject;
  • Documents can be sign on local machine or using a mobile device using biometric signature;
  • Signed document will be automatically uploaded into the ASSISTO repository as a new version.

Versioning & Approval Workflow

  • The contract approval can be sent sequential to the involved actors;
  • Act according to the priority level of the task;
  • The initiator can customize the task notifications in order to give proper indication to the involved actors;
  • The initiator can configure if the task will return to the previous performer on rejection and if it will return in the initiator’s inbox after the final step;
  • Each task can update the approval state of the contract;
  • Complete history of document versions from conception to signing;
  • Every user that can see a business object can comment on it.

Automatic update of contract information

  • Each contract has a dynamic cover with its data - reflects the most current information about that contract, extracted from all related documents;
  • Sample scenarios:
    • An addendum is signed and the total value is modified: When the addendum enters into force, the dynamic cover is updated;
    • An addendum prolongs the validity of the contract: The date is changed in the dynamic cover and the related event and alerts are also affected;
  • Users see quickly which cover information was changed and by which document.

Contract File

  • Real time updated metadata based on associated documents;
  • Main object of the ASSISTO solution;
  • Advanced security - a Contract Manager can only see and manage the files assigned to him.

Contract related documents

  • Acts like a real file holding all contract related documents: addendums, invoices, orders, reports, memoirs, notifications, correspondence…;
  • Different views: Grouped by document type, Chronologically ordered or Timeline view;
  • Each document can be tracked with its versions;
  • Each document has specific information associated with it (e.g.: and Order can be differently stored);
  • Comments can also be recorded;
  • Documents can be viewed without downloading them - even with dynamic watermark.

Advanced navigation and document visualization features

  • On-line viewer (no need to download) of documents content (PDF, DOC, TIFF, JPG);
  • Display Contract files from sell side perspective or from buy side perspective;
  • Easy to define new perspectives;
  • Contracts and associated documents can be available for navigations according to role policies inside the organization.

Finding contracts and related data

  • Simple search;
  • Advanced search;
  • Full-Text index;
  • Search definitions: Documents, Contract Files, Order Files, Partners;
  • Export to Excel format;
  • Save search for private/public later use.

Track contractual events

  • Each contract can have associated events;
  • Events can be one-time or recurring;
  • Alerts can be generated prior to the event and distributed to only intended audience including vie e-mail and all alerts require manual dismissal to ensure delivery;
  • Calendar view inside the application and the possibility to export directly to Outlook calendar;
  • Events can be singular or recurrent;
  • Mail notification can be sent to users involved to announce  event approach;
  • Event templates can be created to enforce some common business events;
  • Daily-digest for alert based mail notification.


  • Common reports available OOTB;
  • Exchange rate as input for report generation;
  • On the fly vs. asynchronous generation of reports;
  • Security: for each report permissions can be granted for who can generate such report and who can visualize it after generation;
  • Configuration of settings can be saved as report template(private/public);
  • Download MS Excel version of the report;
  • Reports may be saved in the system for later confrontation of data.

Out of the box overviews

  • Built to give quick insight and access;
  • Home page (User Dashboard) to show latest activity and alters;
  • Partner dashboard to centralize all important information about a partner (e.g.: compare sell-side info with buy-side info);
  • Contract financial dashboard to centralize financial information from document records (e.g.: for a frame contract show direct and subsequent expenses and commitments).

Other Back-End Functionalities

  • Exchange rate that is updated each day from banking website;
  • Values lists to ensure consistency of attribute values and ease-up reporting;
  • Daily-digest for alert based mail notification (customizable HTML);
  • Audit trail;
  • Numbers register (reserve number, automatic periodic reset, printable unique numbers register);
  • Event templates already defined for the most common use cases;
  • Comments, users can add comments on any business object;
  • Reports archive, useful to determine the state of the business at a moment in time;
  • Securityrole based authorizations to solution features and role based permissions at business object level(view/edit/delete).

Find out why we are different

  • Proactive organization by keeping a consolidated list of all contracts and related for quicker access;
  • Gain competitive advantage in negotiation, resolve disputes and analyze results;
  • Minimize the risks when working with paper and avoid losing contracts and associated documents;
  • Predefined contract templates to ease up the process of generating new contracts;
  • Uniquely identify all contracts across your entire organization;
  • Barcode functionalities for enhanced traceability of your contracts and all related documents;
  • SAP integration with automatic metadata mapping into ASSISTO;
  • Advanced versioning and approval workflows with complete history of document from conception to signing;
  • Advanced security mechanism yet easy to be defined and managed ensuring internal and legal requirements compliance;
  • Mobile iOS client for maximum mobility;
  • Up to date contract file with on the spot metadata updating based on associated documents;
  • On-line viewer of documents (PDF, DOC, TIFF, JPG)content without the need to leave de application;
  • Customizable search criteria for easy eDiscovery;
  • Unlimited navigational perspectives to display the stored content according to each user requirements;
  • Advanced yet very easy to use notification system including daily-digest for alert based mail notification;
  • User defined report templates for on the fly data visualization;
  • Real time financial status of each contract;
  • Integrated exchange rate to display the information in various monetary systems;
  • Enhanced user experience with dedicated dashboards and various charts to display business relevant information.

Delivery models

Business is no longer located in your corporate office, so why should your business documents be? You have the freedom to choose your ideal delivery model. Available both as a perpetual license for On Premises deployment as well as an On Demand cloud based delivery, you can choose what’s best for you.

On Premises

Choose On Premises deployment and use your existing infrastructure for building your private cloud leveraging the native ASSISTO multi-tenant features.

On Demand

Choose local cloud delivery from our EU Data Center powered by StarVault or global cloud with multiple data centers across the globe powered by Microsoft Azure.

Benefits for your business


Save money

Competitive advantage in negotiation, resolve disputes and analyze results.



Increase Efficiency

Reduced bottlenecks using state of the art automation and notification system throughout the entire contract life cycle.


Increase Control

Keep a consolidated list of all contracts for quicker access.


Minimize risks

Avoid working with paper and losing contracts & associated documents.


Security / Compliance

Flexible security rules for access and collaboration on contracts and related documents. Compliance with the internal and external regulations.

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