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Digital transformation and paperless operations

Digital transformation – the use of technology to radically improve performance of enterprises – is becoming a hot topic for companies across the globe. Executives in all industries are improving their use of traditional technologies (such as ERPs, CRMs, etc.) and are using new digital technologies and smart and connected devices in order to improve their value proposition, customer engagement and internal processes.

All companies are facing today pressures from customers, competitors and even own employees to begin or speed up their digital transformation. Employees’ expectation is to collaborate with coworkers the way they do with friends. However, companies are transforming at different paces with varying levels of success. Some of them are really transforming their organizations while others are still doing only the basics. And this is the difference between leaders and followers.


Despite the focus around innovative digital technologies, most companies still have a long way to go in their digital transformation journeys. Successful digital transformation comes not only from implementing new technologies but from transforming the existing organization to take advantage of the possibilities that new technologies provide. There are existing running processes related with customer experience and back-office operations and a digital transformation initiative is about change: how these processes work, redefining how functions interact and how people use the new functions and processes. The key to digital transformation is driving change. And that is not just a technology challenge but a leadership, management and people challenge.


We help top businesses around the world on their digital transformation journey to accelerate cost-efficiency and time to market by rethinking operations and processes. By putting together our own software products, mobility and cloud computing and a comprehensive range of professional services, we deliver a unique customer experience across platforms and devices to increase loyalty, create new revenue streams and explore new markets.


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Mobilize your information and processes to where business actually happens – Anywhere, Anytime

Empower your team with the right information when and where they need it and increase your workforce productivity. But keep it under careful control the whole time. All this without losing control over one of your most valuable assets: your business data.


Most of the information workers are conducting their activity outside the company firewall, either occasionally or regularly and most of the time via mobile devices. Working on mobile is more and more interesting for line of businesses people (not only for IT), mobility being already part of their daily experience (mobile banking, mobile payments, mobile commerce, etc.).


An integrated and comprehensive content mobility solution, with a common data repository, across all mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows), for all business processes provides the freedom and simplicity your lines of business users want, the control and visibility your IT needs, and greater agility to accelerate time to value for your business.


Choose a solution that eliminates cumbersome data silos to simplify management, increase efficiency and enable the alignment of mobility strategies and business objectives.



We help top business around the world on their mobile transformation journey to increase workforce productivity and accelerate cost-efficiency by mobilizing operations and processes. By putting together our own software products, mobility and cloud computing and a comprehensive range of professional services, we deliver a unique customer experience across platforms and devices to create new revenue streams and increase customers loyalty, to enforce compliance and meet business goals and user demands.


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